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Rowdy observing the stars
Rowe (Renowned Wolf) • Edah (Witness) • Helicon (Twisted)


Nicknames: Rowdy, Rowbles, Rumble
Age: 32
DoB: June 12th, 1992
Species: Leukos Arsenikon Crux


Personality: INFP-T / 4 Wing 5
Interests: Philosophy, Science, Design, Film, Gaming
Notes: Nocturnal, Partially Colorblind
Identifiers: They/It, Furry, Pansexual, Pantheistic



  • Genderless, no sexual / reproductive organs whatsoever.
  • It stands at 6 feet even, and has a crooked tail spanning roughly five and a half feet.
  • Its ears span roughly one and a half feet tall.
  • It is lithe, weighing only around 135LBS / 61KG.
  • Messy, shoulder-length, unkept dark hair. Sometimes draped over and covering one eye.
  • Like other Leukos Arsenikon Cruxes, alchemical symbol for white arsenic appears as a marking on its chest fluff.
  • Its eyes are coated in a film of luciferin that gives it a bright sky blue glow.
  • Often wears loose-fitting clothing.
  • Wears a collar around its neck, a remnant from its time in captivity and a reminder to never let itself be captured again.


  • Timid, shy, but generally social in familiar situations.
  • Enjoys being social, but can stay comfortably isolated for long periods of time.
  • Creature of the night, hates the daylight.
  • Scatterbrained and child-like at times.
  • Can get overly obsessive and emotional towards thoughts and projects.
  • Curious, likes to understand things, to a fault sometimes.
  • Is generally happy and full of energy. Sometimes can become burnt out, stressed, or tired.
  • Sometimes non-verbal, communicates in vague gestures. Body language is emphasized when speaking, usage of hands, head tilts, etc. Can speak perfectly, but sometimes communicates via roars, growls, or trilling.
  • Is afraid of manipulation, and can become easily paranoid of others intentions.


  • Born from a lab experiment of an unknown intention, believed to have been mutated from a different, possibly kidnapped, creature. It was already 17 years old when it became conscious and escaped its captors. Has no memory of its life before mutation.
  • Developed nocturnal traits by roaming around at night and taking up refuge during the day.
  • The lack of understanding in its purpose or origin caused a period of stress and related mental torment. Has since overcome it, now wishes to embrace the beauty and potential of the world before it.

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