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My suspension on Fur Affinity following my "drama" with the site administration has been lifted. I appreciate Dragoneer taking the time to discuss details with my regarding the motivation for my actions and hope that we can both benefit down the road, as well as reversing the ban. Furaffinity has been making great progress in site features and trying out new ideas lately, which I applaud them for. Though the website still has had its moments, there is zero point trying to hold everyone account for every little thing when they are showing they intend to improve the site rather than lull about on it.

For that, I'm happy! And with my return, I will be posting my artwork there once again. I will still continue to post on Weasyl, and make look into SoFurry and Furry Network more as well. I will use Weasyl as my "primary" site, and post submissions on Furaffinity a short time after they've been posted on Weasyl.

With all of this out of the way, I pledge to only focus on my own efforts at being a better artist, administrator, and friend. I won't let myself get distracted by causes I feel strongly in, but push me down roads of isolation and ultimately nothing good for anyone in the long run.

Thank you. <3

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